When A Road Ends A New One Begins...

After working really hard for 2 weeks and learning 3 programs along the way finally one of my projects I had to finish long ago coming to a final stage.

Actually, I love being organized and not very fond of leaving things to last minutes, but somehow most of my tasks and projects complete in last minutes.

Do you feel the same? When I begin doing my task or story it feels really difficult and far away to complete. When I get used to it, and when I realize that I know what I will write and how it will end, I start to feel sad at the same time. There is no challenge for me in that story or task. I know every step so there is no surprise for me. So unconsciously my mind starts to explore for new stories, new ideas... but that’s another problem because I haven’t finished the task I have yet!

But I guess in time I will get used to this routine, I don’t know I really don’t want to get classical. Right now I really like creating my own style with trying new styles. Even that annoys people I am working with...

The challenges of “the steps of creation” are addictive... I think I love writing and creating.... well, this is how it is...

Let’s choose this week's quote. I think this is proper; ( it is a translation from Turkish so in English it could be a little different.) When a road ends a new one begins. When a door closes, a new one opens. When you reach a goal, you will see a higher one is waiting for you just over there. – Lao Tzu
(I agree, how about you?)

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