Özlem Burcu Öztürk
Author, Scriptwriter, Documentary Director

Following her degree in Business Administration from Haliç University, Ö. Burcu stepped into the unrestricted realm of creativity and imagination through scriptwriting and production of cartoons, and she is also currently an active columnist and blogger for numerous websites since 2013.
Ö. Burcu focused on the significance of intercultural communication since 2013, and between 2015 - 2017 she was a volunteer writer for the Hanabi Magazine, a volunteer-driven initiative for establishing a bridge of culture between Japan and Turkey.

Her first book, Shine Like A Star (Yıldız Gibi Parlamak), was released in paperback in 2016 and digital Edition in 2017 both in English and Turkish.
She continues to focus and work on projects that intrigue and bring smiles to the lips of not just the youth but people from all age groups, thus enhancing intercultural ties.

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