New Year Habits and Belief of Japanese

Japan Mountain View

Because there is no similar belief or habit in my culture these Japanese beliefs looks really interesting for me. I would like to share them with you.
-          Hatsuyume ( First Dream)
If you see a treasure ship, hawk or Mt. Fuji in your dream, it will bring you good luck in the new year.
-          Hatsumode (First Temple Visit)

new year's visit to honmonji

In my other post about Japanese new year traditions, I mentioned about bell ringing at the Shrine and Temples. Well, Between 1st-3rd of January Japanese people visit Temples again and they throw away their old charms and get new ones and makes wishes for the new year.
-          Hatsuhinode (First Sunrise)

Osaka, New Year's Day.

I saw a lot of photos about this on the Instagram. Also, read about that even famous artists get together with friends to watch the first sunrise so I thought I should write this too. Japanese people believe that watching the first sunrise will bring them luck and hope in the new year.

I wonder... Will I watch the first sunrise at Japan one day...