English E-Books About Japanese Food Culture

These are all the ebooks I found in **CDJAPAN** in English. because they have English translation I was very surprised ( they are usually in Japanese) so wanted to share with people who are interested in Japanese cuisine but can't read Japanese. so Let's start;

1- ONIGIRI 365

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【25th Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2020】 ONIGIRI is Best in the world in category E18 Rice! Easy to make, healthy to eat, a feast for the eyes, and always delish ‐ that is “ONIGIRI”, more casual than sushi and everyone knows this familiar Japanese home cooking. Today, people can enjoy this common Japanese food all over the world and onigiri shops are the places for this. This book has as many as 365 recipes, which readers can experience the onigiri world in-depth. This book also recounts many unique stories about rice, about ingredients, as well as interviews with local farmers and cooking experts. The more the world knows about “ONIGIRI”, the more “ONIGIRI” appeals to everyone like Ramen and Sushi as Japanese signature foods.

2-  Plant-based Tokyo Japanese Restaurant Guide

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Momoko Nakamura, also known as Rice Girl, introduces the people of plant-based Tokyo. Each chef and restaurant owner, tell their stories, revealing why they've landed in plant-based cooking, how they came to open their restaurant, and their approach to flavors and ingredients. Vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Tokyo, and across the rest of Japan, may first appear to be few and far between, but in fact, Japan has a long history of plant-based cuisine. Japanese traditionally eat a highly vegetable-centric diet. Organic, pesticide and fertilizer-free fruits and vegetables that are farmed with care, are at the heart of each restaurant's menus. Combined with fermented foods that have been passed down from generation to generation, make for a uniquely Japanese approach to plant-based cookery. Because Japan is a hyper-seasonal country, the earth's bounty evolves in accords to the poetry that is the traditional Japanese microseasonal calendar. Through PLANT-BASED TOKYO, Tokyoites as well as visitors, can be sure to find delicious, quality, thoughtful food, that most anyone can enjoy without hesitation or concern. A few of Rice Girl's favorite greengrocers and farmers markets are also noted, for those who are interested in cooking at home, or picking up gifts for friends. These are the top places to eat plant-based in Tokyo! PLANT-BASED TOKYO is a bilingual book. Both the English and Japanese are written by Rice Girl.


3- Grandma's Shojin Ryori

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Shojin cooking is a meal that has been passed down by Japanese monks. It mainly uses vegetables and grains and does not use meat, seafood, gokun (five acrid or strong smelling vegetables, including onion, scallion, chives and garlic) nor alcohol. The spirit of Shojin cooking lies in the Zen mind of ahimsa (no killing) and appreciation of the food rather than a strict vegetarian diet. This book will show you fun, cheerful and simple recipes made by grandmas, including traditional breakfast, lunch, dinner, special meals for gathering, rice bowl dishes, ramen noodles and desserts. Even beginners can enjoy the rich and flavorful meals as they allow using infertile eggs, milk and sugar. We made this book by collecting the recipes they teach during their Shojin cooking lessons. If you want to enjoy mealtime and learn healthy Japanese cooking, this is the book for you. Don’t hesitate to try these recipes; anyone can make delicious food easily with this book.

4- Jetta's Travels... with Rice

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First you will read the story of Jetta and his cute family and then you can read the recipe of the dish and try making it.
There are recipes like;
 Okinawa / Andansuu
 Kagawa / Soy Sauce Beans
 Oita / Mustard shiitake
 Kumamoto / Takana rice sprinkles
 Nagoya / Doteni
Osaka/ Red pickled ginger tempura

Chiba / Grilled eel

5- The Ultimate Guide to Kara-age 2020

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Loved by the Japanese people as a kind of “soul food,” kara-age has developed into a huge market embracing specialty restaurants, izakaya, delicatessens, frozen food products, and more. This English e-book version places the spotlight on kara-age and reveals the full picture, from basic knowledge about kara-age to details about its history that will surprise even professionals, the current situation, definitions of related terminology, and so on. As a kara-age textbook, this ultimate book is sure to awe readers with its unprecedented quality and quantity. 

In the book there are sections like : Making Perfect Kara-age in Your Own Kitchen, Kara-age in a supporting role, Components of Kara-age, History of Poultry in Japan, Local variations, where to find good Kara-age in Japan... etc. 

6- Nippon No Sushi : a Visual Guide to SUSHI Menus

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