It was around the time when I released my third book, Dream. I tried my best to focus on my JLPT Exam. There was very little time to study and my brain was ready to turn into jelly, but still I had a strong will to pass the exam. So I made some research and bought books from **CDJAPAN**. I had only couple of months so it wasn’t an option to buy a physical copy, and I was very happy to see that there are pretty functional ebooks on **CDJAPAN**

I bought two books and frankly I couldn’t have much time to finish the second book but I guess I was lucky because even if I couldn’t study much vocabulary, over a year, I had been watching anime and Japanese dramas and listening Japanese songs really helped my vocabulary and listening part in the exam. The first book I am going to talk about is Nihongo So-Matome (for JLPT) N5.

The book seperated into weeks and days so it makes easy to study. For people like me, who is obsessed with making programs but still can’t keep up the schedule they make, I think this is an awsome book. 

Of course it could be better if they could explain the grammar sections more clearly, but the style in it made it very easy to understand the JLPT exam question styles and systematical studying methods of Japanese.

For a “limited time” studying, this was very useful and I passed the test. Well it wasn’t very high score but I knew I had some vocabulary memorizing issues at that time so...

Anyway if you worry about this book being an ebook, I want to show you how it’s easy to use on a computer. You download Neowing ebook Reader from **CDJAPAN** and easily open the book in it.

Second book I will recommend is for vocabulary studying for N5 level which is called “1000 Essential Vocabulary for the JLPT N5”. This book had 10 Chapters and every Chapter devided into 5 sections. You can study voabulary by a theme such as Health, living, studying, work... You can check the book from **CDJAPAN** page and download a sample to take a look at it.

Now I bought another book for grammar issues I have. This is also a very useful book. It’s called Master Japanese Conjugation. This book contains the verbs you will need for both N5 and N4 levels of JLPT exam. You can see the list and meaning of them at the end of the book. You start with 20 words(verbs and adjectives) at the beginning of the book but when you finish it, it will become a huge list.

In every section when there is a new vocabulary, the meaning of it writes in English near it, so you can make your own vocabulary notebook/dictionary when studying. There are a lot of practice questions and that is also one another thing I love about this book.

I hope you will enjoy studying Japanese with these books. To support my blog when shopping from  **CDJAPAN** you can click the links in this post before buying.

Have A Nice Day!