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To people who would like to know my interest's amount in mummy movies
I have a special interest in The Mummy movies. As one who cannot easily watch horror movies, vampires, zombies and mummy movies are the only things exists in my “horror films” definition. As a person interested in Japanese culture, I wanted to share this news with you. Although I love The Mummy series, the first two movies are the “real” Mummy movies for me. I lost my interest after Rachel Weisz left the series, and even I had not yet found the wish or will to watch the mummy, the one Tom Cruise plays. (After this news, maybe I might watch it.)
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Comic Smart's free manga website, Ganma, is announced that they will release 4 "one-shot" manga. The title will be The Mummy - Dark Stories. And these stories will be linked to the mummy movie Tom Cruise plays.

The story will be about London, a dead rise named Ahmanet will create sandstorms and chaos in London. It is announced that the first manga will be published on July 15, and the artist will be Asahi Tsukishita (Tokyo Dragon Night mangaka).

The second manga created by Yutori Houjyou and Kako Mochizuki (Ningyō Tōge mangaka) will release on July 22, the third manga by Azumi Mochizuki (Hōfuku no Susume mangaka)will be released on July 23 and the last chapter created by Yūichi Bessho (Meikyū Mansion mangaka) will debut on July 29.

Tom Cruise's The Mummy Film came to the theaters in Turkey on 9 June. And it will be in theaters in Japan on July 28th. It is an interesting way to attract attention to the film. What do you think?

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork