Shine Like A Star

The internet can sometimes lead to great love stories, or sometimes to new beginnings…
The most feared plane trip can lead to the chance of self-discovery…
How about such a trip into music and into the unknown?

Suzan, a Turkish girl who is a keen intern at a publishing company, wins a ticket to S.Korea. Knowing little Korean she learned from Jun, her chatmate, she decides to pursue the journey. It is a hell of a ride, an awkward/embarrassing encounter with a cute/hot Japanese guy to begin with, and Jun missing in action when she needs him most. And how about those band members she wants to meet, especially the vocalist---?


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Chocolate Flavored Murder

Are you ready to solve a locked room murder with Detective Bee and his rookie assistant? 

After a request from "Everybody's" real estate agent, Mr. John Robertson, Detective Bee, and his assistant start investigating some burglary in the neighborhood. But in a short time, they find themselves in a mess with a dead butler, and a locked room... 

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The Guardians Series Book 1

"You do not know if this is even real, do you? Have you ever thought why you are saying these things? It may be just a dream for you. So, what about us? What will happen to us? What if we were only created in your dream because of you?"
I was confused. I suddenly started to go away from Jay and Junior. What was happening here actually? And then I realized what the strange thing I couldn't name was. I hadn't felt anything but feelings yet. No pain, no fatigue, no thirst, no hunger. I was only experiencing emotional fluctuations. Or was it a dream? Was it not real?









Mystery Vacation


Highly career-focused and tight scheduled Miyuki suddenly finds herself in Istanbul on her 30th birthday, when her house-mates Kyoko and Kaori purchase a ticket for a Mystery Vacation tour as a birthday present for her to relax and explore new places.
She follows the various clues provided in the tour, also exploring the touristic sites of Istanbul, never suspecting that the tour will take her on a journey towards not only new discoveries but also towards her dreams and her distant teenage love in the past.