Super Potato. A shop where you can find games from your childhood that are forgotten over years.

By the way, you can go back in time and refresh your memory at the arcade machine section.

From the outside of the building, you can easily guess which building it is with its charming look. This building's 3-4-5th floors you can find the Super Potato.

On the 3rd and 4th floors of the building, there are Nintendo's 1980s and 1990s games which we can call classics of game history.

In this paradise of games, you can find the collection of the games of the game’s consoles which are no longer sold in the market. Before saying anything else a little reminding; all of these games are Japanese version. They may be different from some games sold abroad.

Also, this shop has toys and souvenirs about games which you can identify them as "merchandise". Of course, these are still rare collections. I am pretty sure if you have game lover friends these could be an interesting *“omiyage” for them.
 So this shop becomes one of the places in my “must visit in Japan" list.

You can find the addresses of other branches of this retro game shop from their website.

*omiyage= souvenir you bring back from a trip for your family, friends, co-workers...

Photo Source:  Super Potato by
Antonio Tajuelolicensed with CC BY 2.0