Hello Everyone,

Starting from today I will write a diary entry at least once a week. you may say, well how long will you continue writing, you will give up soon. what can I say, you may be right but I will try my best. I know I don't share posts very frequently. But this is all because I am really selective person and be careful about details. If I wrote a post in 15 minutes, well let's be honest when I start I can't stop writing for an hour, anyway, the selecting photos and translation and editing it usually takes 3-4 hour so most of the time, writing here can be not my first thing in my mind. but now on I will do my best...

Ok, for people who don't know about me, I live in Istanbul, Turkey. And november means book fair for people who love reading in Istanbul. Even I was super busy, I couldn't miss this chance.

For people who are curious about what I am doing lately... I was writing my First Movie Script. Yes! pretty exciting Huh? But I had time limit and it was extra extra stressful but even in this condition I could spare few hours to visit Book Fair.

This year The Honor country was South Korea. There were stands about Traditional Korean Culture, Pictured Korean Books, Webtoons, E-books, Story Books....etc. But like I said before, I only had few hours and I went there before the official opening ceremony. how lucky I am... so I could only take a photograph of Webtoon stand.

In the near future, I hope, I am planing to write about Visual Novel and Webtoon so I am not going to share every detail I've learned about webtoon yet.

One of the thing I was surprised in the fair was how many korean dramas turned to books and translated to Turkish. Do you know about korean dramas? Do you watch any? Well I am more interested in Japanese Culture but I know one or two things about Korea. so this was suprising for me to see.

Anyway because this book fair diary entry turned to Korea entry I am listening some Hongki solo songs while writing. I guess it's a suitable choice of music for this moment.

Well, I guess that's all for today,
Till Next Time,
Take Care,