Hello everyone,
I have been working on something intensively. It’s for readers who have read my stories already and also for people who want to read. I hope all of them could enjoy it. But before announcing what it is I need some more time. I hope it will be ready before 2018 starts.
Of course, working this intensively makes me really exhausted and day after day my performance goes down little by little. I am a workaholic so I mostly forgot to rest in the day time. But time to time when my body starts to alert me to giving a break if I don’t have time to give a break I create a comfort zone and slow down a little.

That makes me remember about comfort zones in childhood. Most children feel comfortable when they share their happiness, frights, and worries with their teddy bear right? Well probably because I watched “chucky” kind of movies when I was young I am not very comfortable with stuffed animals, dolls and that kind of things. But lately, I feel comfortable about one kind of it. So I would like to share my version of a teddy bear and one of my comfort zone module. Probably you wouldn’t be surprised because I am a mystery/detective story lover, right?

Detective Conan at Netflix, my coffee, my blog posts and my cute Conan plushie... This is one of my relax mode. What is your kind of comfort zone? And what is your Teddy bear version?