When a year comes to an end, the weather becomes more and more cold here. How about your city?
With the cold, you may start to feel lazier than ever. Probably because you work hard and run to one place to another when the end of the year comes you’ve just wanted to stop and take it easy. Actually, it’s normal. Because we are human. Even if we were robots we need to take a break one or two in the year, right?
At times like this, making a new year cleaning and take a look back to the old year is the best thing to do. But don’t think too much or you may end the year with a depression or you may want to delay the rest of the things you planned to finish this year.

At times like this, we need more motivational stuff than ever.

I often check for motivational quotes. When you have a dream or a goal that you want to be successful at, it’s normal to search for something that will help you to keep on going.  

So, what I like to do to make myself more motivated?

I love hanging different kinds of quotes on my board or have inspiring quote t-shirts and cups when I am working.

Sometimes I read books which have lots of quotes in it. if you want to check a book which has different kind of inspiring and motivational messages I will highly recommend you Demi Lovato's book. That’s one of my favorite.

Also, I really like Listening song which makes my mood better... Lately, these 3 songs are my favorite... Lyrics are motivational, aren’t they?

Shakira - (Zootopia) - Try Everything

FTISLAND - To be Free


 Frozen - Let It Go

And in the end, I find myself checking for my favorite idols quotes. Somehow this becomes a routine and automatical reflex I have done when searching for something motivational. I am lucky as an Arashi fan, there are tons of quotes and lyrics that really effects my mood positively.

Then how about you? What motivates you? Lyrics?quotes? books? Or your dream itself is enough for you to motivate you?

That’s all for now,