How about turning your boring day into a colorful one with Alice's magical world?
I can't resist places which are colorful and sparkly enough to start my imagination. so when my penfriend from Japan told me about this place, I wanted to share with you. when you hear Alice on Wednesday, you may immediately ask why Wednesday. it's told that Wednesday is the most boring day of the week that's why this brand is created to turn your day something special and fun. you can visit any day to turn your ordinary day into a magical one. but don't forget probably you have to wait in a long line if you visit especially at the weekend.

Which door is the real one?

So what this place sells?

colorful popcorns, candy, cookies... very tempting isn't it? and what is the most unforgettable thing belong to Alice's world? can you guess? Of course, it is "drink me" potion bottles. Are you ready to try it?

Of course, they don't only sell these colorful and interesting foods. there are also rings, earrings, watches, necklaces with Alice theme. And there is also custom made bags, pillows, and t-shirts. (If you wonder how much does it cost, you may check the online store which sells Alice products.)
 You'll probably lose track of time when you check the Alice theme decoration of the store.
Alice in Wednesday has 4 branch office in Japan; Fukuoka, Osaka, Tokyo, and Nagoya.
Photos are from Osaka Branch.... I am grateful to my Japanese penfriend Mio Zenmosa and her friend Sayoko Hiraoka for the photos they have taken and for giving permission to share them here.Thank you!

Bilgi Kaynak(Info source): Alice on Wednesday, Japan Amusement Magazine, Mio-chan