Between January 12th - February 4th 2018 at The Pera Museum Movie Event movies with the cat theme shown. 
I really wanted to go but couldn't find a chance probably I will buy DVD from CDJAPAN . Especially Rent-a-Cat (Renta Neko) (English Subtitles) / Japanese Movie  looks interesting. How about you? are you interested in Cat Theme movies. Here are few of them.

Samurai Cat(2014)


Directors: Takeshi Watanabe, Yoshitaka Yamaguchi
Cast: Kazuki Kitamura, Yôsuke Asari, Yoriko Dôguchi
Language: Japanese; Turkish Sub
Neko Samurai wonders aloud: “what if we mashed up two of Japan’s most beloved cultural icons, the samurai and the cat?” The result: one of the most delightfully cute comedies to come from Japan in some time. A dog-loving clan hires Madarame, penniless and out of work; his task is to assassinate the prized white cat of a rival, cat-loving clan (the two clans have been fiercely battling for centuries, we learn). But when Madarame melts at the sight of the cat, failing at his duty and kidnapping the feline, both clans seek to exact revenge—on the samurai himself, and the imminent showdown will test the newly-inaugurated “cat person.”

Neko Ninja (2017)

Director : Takeshi Watanabe
Cast : Takurô Ôno, Akira Emoto, Izumi Fujimoto
Language: Japanese, Turkish Sub
The world’s first ‘cat ninja’ action feature film from the crew of Samurai Cat. Kagerota is a young ninja who embarks on his first mission: stealing the goldfish from a wealthy samurai. He succeeds, but then a mysterious fat cat starts following him. His distinctive red nose leads Kagerota to believe that the feline stalker is actually the reincarnation of his long last father, a legendary ninja who left him when he was ten years old.

Rent-A-Cat (2012)


Director: Naoko Ogigami
Cast: Mikako Ichikawa, Ken Mitsuishi, Reiko Kusamura
Language: Japanese, Turkish Sub


Sayoko rents out cats. Every day she walks along the banks of the river towing her animals in a little handcart, with a parasol to shade her against the heat and a megaphone over her mouth, callintg out “Cats for rent! Are you lonely? Why not rent a cat?” Sayoko’s cat rental helps lonely people fill the emptiness in their hearts. But Sayoko is also lonely—ever since her grandmother’s death she has lived with her cats in an overgrown haven in the midst of the big city where all she hears—apart from the cats’ meowing—are her eccentric neighbor’s insults. One day, a young man turns up from Sayoko’s past. He follows her home and all at once Sayoko’s life seems to fall apart.