IMG_1693 どら焼き dorayaki (crosseye 3D)

 When we define Dorayaki we can say pancake filled with  sweet azuki bean paste.

I said pancake because like in the pancake dough, it has a thick fluffy look.
Dorayaki is a kind of Japanese sweets. I think mostly people who know Doraemon knows it in Turkey. Because even mine one of the first thing learned about Doraemon was Doraemon loves Dorayaki.
 (extra info; you can con Doraemon with Dorayaki and make him do anything^_^ and if you are interested; if you have been to Japan in March or in September, Bunmeido company makes special limited offer Doraemon Dorayaki.
Dorayaki Doraemon

So where does Dorayaki name comes from? In Japanese "dora" means gong. probably it comes from the shape of it. but there is a rumor about it; The first Dorayaki is made on a samurai's gong which is forgotten in the farm where he was hiding. The samurai's name was Benkei. The first Dorayaki is made by the farmer.  (interesting rumor...)
In the Osaka area, Dorayaki is also known as Mikasa(三笠). If you have azuki bean paste it only takes 15-20 minutes to bake it.

There are eggs, sugar, honey, flour, baking powder, water and oil in the dough of it. After telling this much I should recommend a recipe, right? That's why I am sharing a video of Dorayaki made by Nami (writer of Just One Cookbook). Enjoy it!