At a research, I came across with an interesting Japanese saying. After this, I decided to write a post about Japanese sayings about women. Let's see if these sayings look interesting to you, too. I am not writing all the sayings I found about women, if you want to learn more please find a sourcebook about Japanese sayings in your own language. Because my sourcebook is in Turkish I can't share it with you.

Akusai wa hyaku nen no fusaku - “A bad wife is a hundred years of bad harvest”
(Marrying with a bad woman is one of the worst things can happen to a man.)

Hakoiri musume ni mushi ga tsuku – “A bug will land on the daughter who is carefully brought up”
(Every girl will fall in love with a man one day.)

İchi hime ni taro – “First one is princess, the second one is Taro”
(To raise a child it's ideal to be the first child to be a girl and second one to be a boy.)

İe ni nyobo naki wa hi no naki ro no gotoshi – “A house without a woman is like a fireplace without a fire.”
(Without a woman there can't be a house. In a man's life woman is really important.)

İe no midare wa onna kara – “In the family most of the source of the problems are women.”

Me yori mimi de tsuma o erabe – “Choose the woman you will marry with your ear, not with your eye.”
(person should be careful when choosing his partner; he should ask a second opinion about the person he wants to marry.)

Men Men no yokihi – “Every face is a Yokihi”
(Yokihi: A women who became famous for her beauty in ancient China.)

Musume-san nin moteba shindai tsubusu – “If you have 3 daughters, all of your fortune will be gone.”
(To marry a daughter is an expensive thing.)

Nyobo no yaku hodo teishu motezu – “The husband isn't as attractive as the wife get jealous.”
(The wife gets jealous of her husband but the husband isn't enough attractive to get jealous.)

Nyobo wa ie no daikokubashira – “The woman is the pile of a house.”
(In a family the role of a woman is really important.)

Onna no kami no ke ni wa taizo mo tsunagaru – “with one of a woman's hair strand, even an elephant can be bound. ”
(The charm of a women is really effective on men. women can make a man prisoner.)

Onna no kowagaru to neko no samugaru wa uso – “The woman's fright and The cat's cold are lies.”
(Women don't know what is frightening. Even they look scared, actually they are not.)

Onna no nasake ni hebi ga sumu – “In a mercy of a woman a snake lies.”
(Even woman looks like they forgive, they never do. there will be a feeling of a revenge.)

Onna no shikaeshi wa sansobai – "The revenge of a woman will be 3 times more.”
(Woman's revenge will be painful.)

Onna-san nin yoreba kashimashii – “when 3 women get together there will be a huge noise.”
(women are talkative. when 3 women get together they will start making noise immediately.)

Onna shichibu ni otoko sanbu – “7 shares to a woman, 3 shares to a man.”
(A mother's effort and effect on a child is much more than a father's.)

Onna wa kimono ga inochi kara ni ban me – “For women the outfit comes second after her own life.”

Onna wa sangai ni ie nashi – “There is no house for a woman on this earth.”
(a woman can't feel comfortable in this life.she depends on her parents, her husband, and her children. when she is a child she stays in her parents' house, when she gets married she stays in her husband's house, when she gets old she stays in her children's house.)

Onna wa yowashi saredo haha wa tsuyoshi – “ A woman can be weak but a mother will be strong.”
(when a woman becomes a mother, to raise and protect her children she bear a lot of difficulties.)

Onna go koro to aki no sora – “A woman's heart and an autumn weather can't be trusted.”)

Sourcebook: Japon Atasözlerinden Seçmeler - Okan Haluk Akbay