The shop called Kameya Eisen that is 30 minutes away from Tokyo by train, sells delicious sweets which the sweet-tooth people should taste at least once in their life. This store has a century history in the area (it's in Kawagoe, Saitama Prefecture.) In the first floor you can buy traditional sweets, and on the second floor, you can learn about the history of this sweet shop from the exhibition.

I haven't told what kind of sweets they sell, have I? They are sweets made of sweet potato!

In the second floor, you can see which tools they used to use to make these delicious sweets and learn more about the Japanese people's interests about this sweet.

I haven't started making my own videos so I am sharing a video about Kameya Eisen that I liked. You can check the different kinds of the sweets that are sold in the shop.