Let's imagine this; you haven't listened the song night before, but you wake up with that song in your head and not just once, several times, it will start to annoy you right? Especially if it's not your favorite song and feeling nothing emotionally attached to it. And now probably I am writing this post to get rid of a song from my head. 
Even I am interested in Japanese culture I think I am not following many Japanese related pages on Facebook. but even with that, I see this song which is popular lately around Japanese culture lovers, at least 3 times a day. and when I started to wake up remembering the chorus part of the song every morning, I realize that this song can help me to learn katakana based words. so I created a table and wanted to share with people who also want to learn the proper writing of these words sing in the song. if you haven't listened the song yet, here it is to stuck in your head;

And here is the word list;