Songs of Tokyo is a program to introduce Japanese artists to the world as the 2020 Olympics approaches. This program broadcast on Jan 1st and 2nd. I was sad not to watch it. but just figure it out that we can watch it from NHK World app. Songs of Tokyo is a 4 episode program. 

At the 1st Episode; Perfume, Miyavi, Cornelius and X Japan took the stage.  As someone who likes Perfume's songs, I enjoyed watching "Flash" and "Spending all my time" song performances.

At the 2nd Episode; They focus on anime songs and Aqours, T.M.Revolutions, Linked Horizon and Lisa took the stage.

At the 3rd Episode; Kyary Pampu Pampu, Kana Nishino, Man With A Mission and Sekai no Owari were on the stage.

At the last Episode; KANJANI, AKB48, NEWS, and composer of the soundtrack of Spirited Away, Joe Hisaishi took the stage.

I must admit most surprising performance was NEWS for me. Because I thought seeing a Johnnys entertainment artist on an international channel would only be a dream. As an Arashi and Yamapi fan I knew there is a group called NEWS, but haven't watched them before. I must admit I liked all the 3 song (Kaguya, Sakura Girl, Weeeek) performances. The back dancers were Johnny’s Jr. (it's not a surprise as I watched at Arashi concerts before :P ) If we think that in the Songs of Tokyo program some artists only sand a song, having a chance to watch and listen to 3 songs from NEWS is something we must not miss. Also if you know that this program is not available in Japan, this is a rare opportunity for only international fans.

If you want to watch this program you can download NHK World app and then from the top menu, you can select Category and select Entertainment. you will see the Songs of Tokyo. Enjoy your Time...