I would like to talk about a drama I watched at Netflix last month. But in this post, the topic will be food. Japanese food actually. in every episode, the lead man is a different Japanese dish in this drama.

But first let me give a brief summary about this drama; Before I began writing this post, I didn't know that this drama is based on a popular awarded (55th Shogakukan Manga Award) manga, called "Shinya Shokudo". Also, it already has a TV drama and a movie.  Midnight Diner is a restaurant opens at midnight to 7am and only serves miso soup.(if there is ingredients chef cooks anything you want). The drama tells the story of the customers in this restaurant. The owner of this restaurant only is known as "master". As you may understand from the title, the drama isn't for children. it's for adults who like to enjoy watching dramas about a slice of life. Every episode of Midnight Diner is 24 minutes and one season is made of 10 episodes. In every episode, we watch a different characters story and a different dish. So, Let's began.Which dishes we see on the episodes; 
  •   Tan-Men(vegetable ramen noodle) (タンメン ) ; (But in this episode the dish is made without the noodle. how interesting order isn't it?)

  •     Corn-Dog (アメリカンドッグ) (This dish causes a childish row between a comedian and his ex-assistant.)

    How to make Corn Dogs!
  • Tonteki(トンテキ ) (The story in this episode is about a woman who tries to show her love towards the man she is interested in with knitting for them.)

  •     Omelette Rice (Omurice - オムライス ) (This dish represents the connection between a Korean woman and a Japanese physician.)

  •     Egg- Tofu (Tamago Tofu - 玉子豆腐) (this dish becomes the symbol of a friendship between a boy and a bar girl. boy's father is a gambler and never takes care of him properly so this bar girl is always around for this young boy.)

  •     Umeshu - 梅酒 (In this episode, A man is trying to find the same taste as his late mother's cook.)

  •     Hot Pot ( old classmates get together in this story around this dish. )

  •     Sautéed Yam (長芋のソテー – ) (This dish has appeared in the story of a young married woman and her old lover's story.)

  •     Ham Cutlet (ハムカツ – ) (A man about to get retired remembers his childhood and his brother who haven't been seen since then.)

  •        New Year Noodle(The chef thinks about the past year in this episode. I told about special dishes cooked for New Year in the past posts. New Year Noodle is one of them.)

 Also, the soundtrack of this drama is wonderful. I recommend you to listen. The Theme song is Omoide(思ひで) by Tsunekichi Suzuki(鈴木常吉).

If you say I watch these and now I am hungry and want to cook for myself, here is a recipe for you. I tried this chef's melon pan recipe before. and it tasted really good. so even I haven't tried this one I am confident to share it here. if you try this recipe before I do, please let me know the result (^_^)

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