14th of every month in Korea When we think of 14th of a month, usually the Valentine's Day comes to our minds as a special day. But in Korea, there is a special day for every 14th of months that you can celebrate alone or as a couple. 

Diary Day

 14th of January symbolizes the beginning of the new year, couples get together and buy diaries to each other and mark their plans, anniversaries, birthdays and other important days.

 Valentine's Day

 In Korea, on 14th of February, if a woman wants to confess her love, she gives chocolate. On this day, especially chocolate, pastries, and jewelry sales reach the peak. ^^

White Day

On 14th of March, it is man's turn to confess or accept the love of the woman who gives chocolate to him on Valentine's day. This is usually done by giving candy or a gift. It's not very common to give chocolate this day. Sweet, jewelry, flowers are preferred instead. At the same time, many men prefer to finish the day with a romantic dinner.
 Black Day

Korea: Jjajangmyun
 We started with couples' special days so you can ask if there is any day for those who are alone. Black day (April 14th) is for lonely hearts. The loners come together at 14th of April and comfort each other and eat black noodles (Jjajangmyeon). Many people also prefer to wear black or even wear black jewelry at the same time at that day.
Yellow Day / Rose Day

On May 14, the couples are dressed in yellow and give each other yellow roses.

Kiss Day
On June 14th as you may understand the name of the day couples kisses each other a lot. 
Silver Day 
Silver Day On 14th of July, couples give silver rings to each other. 

Green Day
Green Day Couples enjoy nature on 14th of August, while Soju accompanied to lonely people. 

Photo Day 

On September 14th, couples take photos in romantic places and put that in a special place where they can see. the photo cabins and karaoke are popular places on this day. 
Wine Day
Wine Day October 14th is a day you can share wine with a special person. 
Film Day

On November 14th, couples go to the cinema to watch movies. 
Hug Day 

On December 14th, couples protect themselves from freezing cold weather in winter by holding each other. 

Are you surprised to hear these interesting days in Korea?