Kimchi is a fermented spicy traditional Korean food that has a more than a century years old history. There are more than 200 kinds of this korean food with the usage of different kinds of veggies and seasonal ingrediences. It’s one of the top five most healthy food because it’s positive effects on immune system ( An American Health Magazine selected. Because kimchi has lactic acid and high vitamins which has anti- cancer effects.)
It was first made in Three Kingdoms Period (AD 57-668). it has a very simple recipe (salting and storing cabbage in a ceramic container for fermentation.)

In the old times, women get together to make enough kimchi for the winter season and they called it “GimJang”. This old tradition continues today and all friends, families, and neighbors get together to make kimchi. In 2013 December this event, Gimjang, became an UNESCO Intangible Culture Heritage.

Would you like to try making your own kimchi?

If you are visiting South Korea, you can try learning to make your own kimchi at Bucheon Kimchi Theme Park.
There are basic 3 steps;
  1. Making ingredients ready.
  2. Salt the cabbage, make spices ready.
  3. Spice the cabbage.
Kimchi Festivals
Of course, there are interesting festivals for this traditional Korean food. For example;  Gwangju World Kimchi Festival (광주세계김치축제) at October and Seoul Kimchi Making & Sharing Festival (서울김장문화제) which takes place between June to August.
And this year(2018)  in Turkey there was a Kimchi Festival in our capital city, Ankara. Hope one day they will make in Istanbul, too. Don’t forget to check your country’s Korean Culture Center events. Maybe there could be an event in your city, too.

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