If I like a movie or a series, I'll start making research about it. Do the songs in the drama have music videos? Is the story an adaptation? Where was it taken? What happened in the behind scene? What are the interesting items in the series? Is there a remake of a that drama or movie?...like these many questions come to my mind.
Now I want to talk about "You're All Surrounded," a series that balance romance, drama, comedy and action with a success. It’s a drama I won’t get bored with watching it again and again. Are you interested? Let’s begin. (Warning: Contains plenty of spoilers ...)

You’re all surrounded is a 20 episodes Korean drama which is suitable for people who like watching action and want to laugh at the same time.

Many steps have been taken to prevent corruption at the Gangnam police station. And with a new decision, for the first time, rookies were allowed as a detective. However, these four rookies who came to the police station became detectives with very irrelevant reasons. And also Seo Pan Suk, who had to be the team leader and a guide to the rookies, never liked this new idea of rookie detectives. From the first day with the rookies, the police station becomes a mess. 

11 years ago, Kim Hwa Young, a school nurse at Masan, witnessed a murder. However, she was threatened and she gave up from giving testimony as a witness. Because she was a single mother that trying to raise a child who was in the eighth grade. Seo Pan Suk, responsible officer in the case, tried to convince the nurse. He promised to protect her. Kim Hwa Young decided to be witness with the support of his son Kim Ji Yong. However, she was killed shortly after her decision, and her son Kim Ji Yong became missing. This case left a mark on Seo Pan Suk that would never be forgotten.

Teaser 1

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Eun Dae-gu:
He is an ambitious rookie who knows rules, and law in detailed and who only stretches them for his own benefit. Dae-gu, whose IQ is high and has a photographic memory, can’t get along with the team leader and his new partner from the first minute. But to become a successful detective he has to learn what teamwork means.

Uh Soo-Sun:
She is Dae-gu's partner. She is a stubborn, insistent, lovable rookie who gets a nickname by Dae-gu as “bird-brain” at first, which later turned to "bread crumbs". Uh Soo-Sun, who has started with a disadvantage because her team leader doesn’t like long hair, becomes a detective that is accepted by team leader in time.

Eun Dae-gu - Uh Soo-sun:
Even if they cannot get along at first, they are able to adapt  when there is crisis. And they become a duo we enjoy watching until the end of the series.
I want to share my favorite scene about this couple with you;

Park Tae-il:
Among rookies, Park Tae-il, who is an intellectual, romantic rookie, is also the kind of ladies man who attracted attention at first sight. There is a big secret about him...

Ji Gook:
Park Tae - Il's partner and roommate. He is the group’s source of joy and the one who is taken hostage mostly. He even becomes an expert on taken hostages with knives.(^_^) After learning the secret of his partner, he feels like a burden to the group so he makes boldly moves.  I should also add that he is in love with Uh Soo-Sun, well ...

Let’s talk about filming locations ... Of course, it is impossible to share the filming locations of each section of the 20 episodes, but I would like to share with you what I have found.

Lee Seung Gi, Go Ara, and Cha Seung-Won made their first shootings in Apgujong, Seoul in late March 2014, while child actors (childhood scenes in Masan) first scenes were taken in the middle of March 2014 in Pohang and Gyeongju.


The place where the school scenes were taken was MoonHwa High School.

Lee Seung Gi, in Pohang for his characters returning home scenes.
 As you will see in the official music video of the series, the filming also took place in the Namsan Seoul Tower. I will share with you a more detailed article about this place in the future. Because it’s a place of many Korean dramas shooting place.


There were scenes that shoot in Eurwangni (을왕리) where Eun Dae-gu and Uh Soo-sun go after the criminal by ferry.
ferry scenes


In the Soundtrack there are songs like What’s wrong With Me by San E&Kang Min Hee and I’m in Love by Lee Seung Chul. You can watch the official music video below.
Also you can buy the album from Amazon.

In the 13th episode, Coffee Boy - I'll Be On Your Side song, which Eun Dae-Gu (Lee Seung Gi's character) makes Uh Soo-Sun (the character played by Go Ara) listen to show his support, is one of the most romantic scenes in the drama. If you ask which scene is that? That's the one below (^_^)

"You're All Surrounded" Official Music Video:

SBS had a deal with Silver Rabbit to make the official webtoon of the drama(if you don’t know whatwebtoon is you can read from here.) You can reach the webtoon of drama that are drawn in Korean from the page of SBS.

  The name "Dae Gu"(Lee Seung Gi’s character’s name) means "cod fish" literally. So, the webtoon artist hasn’t forgotten the fish detail while drawing the Dae Gu character.

  • Would you like to take a look at the fun poster shooting?

  • I complete my post by giving the answer to the question of what’s the most interesting item in the drama; it’s  the projector that is used by Dae gu in his sleepless nights; Innocube IC 200C

If you haven’t watched this drama yet and decided to watch it, you can watch it on Viki. English subtitles are available.

*What is Webtoon? For those who are curious.

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