Would you like to learn Japanese with cute octopus Tako? 
Some of us are trying to learn Japanese on our own. So which programs do we use to support learning? Here is an application where you can learn Japanese in a fun way...

With this easy and fun program, you can learn to write and read hiragana, katakana, and more than 100 kanji. You can also perfect your writing with the correction system that helps you when you write incorrectly.

While studying the alphabets separately in the "Study Mode" section, you can memorize easily while you are having fun with mini-games.

Takos Japanese, is an entertaining application especially for beginners or who wants to learn from scratch, has 88 lessons in the "Play Mode" section. In the "Study Mode" section, you can do it many times without being overwhelmed.

Hmm ... I just want to study at the moment ... How about you? ... Let's start studying Japanese, shall we? You can buy from Google Play.

Source:Press Kit