Webtoon word comes from the combination of “web” and “cartoon”. It’s South Korean cartoon which readers can reach online. Webtoon started at the beginning of the 2000s and at that time it was a free service. After 2014, with the rising of smartphones usage, Webtoon service become a platform has both free and paid services.

2017 İstanbul Book Fair South Korea Webtoon Stand

Webtoon also interactive with the reader with comments and giving points.. etc. Kinds of methods. Webtoon becomes a subculture of Korea after writers of the Webtoons become popular, and they started attending TV programs.

Webtoon has 64 platforms and nearly 1700 new stories make entry to these platforms. With this high rates, webtoon keeps up with the new generations creativity and interests. ( these are 2017 datas.)
Webtoon has all sorts of genres. (from personal confessions, social problems, and joke based stories to adventurous and even adult-oriented stories.)

And K-Webtoon is a platform that Korean Cartoon Agency created to make webtoon a global business.

Do you know there are Korean dramas made from popular Webtoons? But this is another post's topic...

Source: Webtoon Brochure