Do you know the difference between 1R -1K-1DK and 1LDK Apartments?


Today I will share some terms that could be useful for you if you dream a flat in Japan. These look very interesting for me so here we go... If you want to rent a place you should know how many rooms it has, right? So, Do you know what "1R, 1K,1DK or 1LDK" means?  
1R Apartments
"R" stands for the word “room”. so basically this a studio flat. it is usually between 13 - 20 square meter.

Usually, there is a kitchen counter on the left side of the room. But rarely you may need to make one for yourself.
There is an area for your washing machine. But in some 1R flats, that area is in the balcony.
Usually opposite of the kitchen area, there is a bathroom which is also a toilet.( so there is no separate toilet area.)  Usually, 1R flats don't have closets.

1K Apartments
In 1K flats, "K" represents for Kitchen. Usually, the room gets separated by a wall. These kind of flats are between 13 -25 square meter. ( Sometimes even the room has the same plan I shared above, The Kitchen area doesn't get separated by a wall.)
Again like 1R flats, there could be no closet.  

1DK Apartments
In 1DK apartments, D represents Dining and K represents Kitchen Area. They are usually 25-30 square meter. So basicly there are two rooms in the flat. There is a closet and a saperate toilet in these kind of flats.

1LDK Apartment
In 1LDK apartments L represents Living Area and D represents Dining Area, K represents Kitchen. These apartments are 23-35 square meter. But you should think like this; 1 Bedroom, 1 Living/dining room, 1 Kitchen.
Living/Dining Room is usually bigger than the bedroom and it has its own closet. The bathroom is separated from the toilet. 
If you see "2LDK" term, this means there are 2 rooms besides the living/dining area.

And of course 1LDK flats are more expensive than other options but if you have a budget you will have more comfort in this kind of flat. 

Good luck with your house hunt in advance ^_^

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