Happy Women’s Day! 

Let’s take a deep breath and spare some time for ourselves.
Love ourselves, care ourselves, and think. What do we need for today? What is our body need? What is our soul need? Let’s spoil ourselves for a bit. 

And Let’s think about our lives. What we have done so far... What are our dreams? Are we close to it? What should we do about it? Which skills do we need? What experiences do we need? Are we brave enough to take a new step in our lives? 

I haven’t talked about myself like this in my social media accounts but I feel like today is a special day so as a woman who tries to follow her dreams I thought nice opportunity talk a little bit.
If you are already reading my blog you probably know that I am a culture blogger who is interested in Korean and Japanese culture. Also, I have written two books so far and made a documentary as a director. 

I am trying my best but of course like anyone else I need to earn my living so I am working in a company as an administrative assistant. 

But I know if I want to achieve my dreams ( which I haven’t mentioned what is it.) I need some experience plus new skills so I try to learn new skills and have new experiences.

I am already 31. And I find out what I really want with my life when I was 30. So I am at the beginning of my new life. People often tell me how impossible it looks but if your dreams become your life force, you realize it doesn’t matter how impossible it looks. When you start to think like this, you start to get close to your dreams step by step. 

I am an impatient person. Haha! But I know it will take time. 

So when I am taking my own steps. Please take your own steps. Be brave to ask yourself about your dreams. Believe in yourself. And believe that even it looks frightening when your dream becomes a reality, it will become something more than just “being your dream”. It will be something wonderful. It will be “hope” for people who want to dream but waiting for a reason.

So Let’s start. Challenge me with your dreams. What is your dream? What is your happiness?