Korea's capital, Seoul is known for the variety and magnificent of its food.
Incheon is specialized in seafood cause its located by the sea. 
Gyeonggi-do is well-known for its simple and healthy dishes.

Ox Bone Soup(Seolleongtang) - Seoul

Seolleongtang is made from various cuts of meat and served with rice. it is usually served with Kimchi(as a side dish).

King Ribs (Wang-galbi) – Suwon,Gyeonggi Province

Soowon Wang Galbi

King sized beef rib is marinated in sweet sauce and then grilled.

Noodles with Black Bean Sauce ( JJajangmyeon) - Incheon


Jjajangmyeon is a Korean version of a Chinese dish. The sauce is made by sauteing vegetables and meat with black bean paste. And this black bean sauce is served over noodle.

Spicy Catfish Stew(Megi Maeuntang) – Gapyeong,Gyeonggi Province

maeuntang, spicy fish soup
 Gapyeong is located between Hongcheonggang River and The Bukhangang River that catfishes are abundant. Megi Maeuntag is the favorite dish on cold winter days.

Source: "Korean Cuisine"Book, Imagine Your Korea