The Joseon Dynasty Royal Tombs are located in and around the capital area including the cities Guri, Goyang, and Namyangyu in Gyeonggi-do District.

Donggureung (4)

There are forty-four tombs. And forty of these tombs are registered as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

 These historical remains also have high value as a reflection of feng shui tradition and Confucian ideology.

 Each of the royal tombs of Joseon has stone animals.( a lamb and a tiger as a representative of meekness and ferocity.)


In the front area, there is a rectangular stone table that was used for offering sacrifices to the spirits of the royalty buried there. 

There is a stone lantern, one or more pairs of stone guardians and civil and military officials with their horses. The mound is protected by a low wall standing at the back and on both sides.


Source: Facts of Korea: Korean Culture and Information Service