Happy Children’s Day

Every year, the children in Turkey celebrate this “ Sovereignty and Children’s Day” as a national holiday. The founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, dedicated April 23 to all the children of the world.

I remember how I used to celebrate this special day when I was a child. Children from all over the world come to Turkey and some great, unique memories created and new friendships started. Maybe it didn’t continue forever but it helped to become an open-minded person. I remember when I was in middle school, a dance school students from Latvia came to our school. And students stayed as guests in our houses. I had three guests in my house. Those days were great. After that, we exchanged some postcards on special days like new years.  I lost contact when I was getting ready for the university exam I guess. But it doesn’t matter because those days were and always will be my precious childhood memories.

I think for everyone childhood memories are really important. Most of the time it gives clues about our future life and future dreams. I think I was lucky. I had childhood memories full of Micheal Jackson and Disney.

 Maybe thanks to all of the things I mentioned above right now the terms like “Cultural Exchange”, “Creativity”, “Music” and “Dream” are really important for me. I am not a musician but to cherish something you don’t have to do it as a professional. ( Musicians and musicals also needs writers rights ;) )

Don’t let people take away your dreams, your childhood and your happiness from you. And never ever let your childish side go away. Happy children’s day to all of the children around the world and people who have a childish side.