As a Detective Conan fan, I watch the episodes over and over. Frankly, I love the animes which mention local events, traditions, and events. When I watch something like that I want to explore places and make research about them. In the future, I am planning something like writing stories about my own culture but this is another blog post’s topic which has to wait.

Now let’s talk about Toyama Firefly Squid Suicide. I saw this phenomenon in one of the episode of Case Closed – Detective Conan.

In Japan At Toyama Bay, tens of thousand of Squid come close to shore and makes this amazing phenomenon between late April till the end of May. And this is called Firefly Squid Suicide. You can watch this from the eastern side of the bay. The Squids are 8 cm tall. ( I don’t know what the normal size should be but it looks like these Squids called Firefly Squid and smaller than the usual ones.)

If you visit Toyama and want to learn more about these Squids you can also visit Hotaruika Museum.

For people who are curious about this phenomenon, I am sharing the video of Firefly Squids. Enjoy watching!!

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