Once in Facebook, I mentioned this topic at the “writer’s confession” part. But when I watched “Anime Names Explained” video I decided to write a diary entry about it.

For a writer I think sometimes deciding the character’s name can be more challenging than writing the whole story. I mean it. And in the end, your character’s name could be changed 3 or 4 times before the story published.

And sometimes especially if you want to give a special message or a strong feeling with the surname of a character but your character is in a different culture than you are, at times like these friends in that culture came to rescue.

In summer I was working on a new story which my characters were Japanese. I named them very easily. But when it comes to deciding their surnames I decided to ask my Japanese penfriend, Naomi. Luckily she is a great researcher and a helper always, she sent me a list of surnames which gives a strong impression and the surnames meanings.

With that, I made the best choice for my character’s surname. I feel like it really fit to him.

So don’t forget sometimes when you are reading a book “The devil is in the details”...

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