Today I will tell you about The Heart Stones in Nagasaki. But before that, I should talk about Glover Garden. Glover Garden’s name is coming from Thomas Glover. He was a Scottish merchant who built Japan’s first railway. 

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And the first heart stone I will tell you about is in this garden. It’s said that if you come to this garden and find the heart stone and put your hands on the stone you find happiness as a couple. And if you find it on your own and make a wish about love it will come true.  Well, I have already found a few different version of this belief so, in the end, it depends on how you feel about this stone.

If you are interested in this western style garden and heart stone here is a map;
Glover Garden on The Nagasaki Map

Another heart-shaped stone is placed near this interesting bridge called Spectacles Bridge(Megane-Bashi). And when you look at the bridge I guess you can understand why its called like this, right ^_^  

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This bridge is originally built in 1634 but it was washed away in 1982 and later it was rebuilt.  Also As I mentioned before, you can find the heart shaped stone here and make a wish for eternal love.

Photo From - Megane-Bashi Heart Stone

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