Hello Everyone, Today I will be introducing you a very cool newspaper.  We can also call it a free information magazine for who are interested in Japanese culture and Nagasaki city. It’s called NagasakiCool. For this NagasakiCool interview, I speak with its photographer, Kimitomi Tsujihara. I hope you will enjoy reading.
Özlem Burcu: Can you tell us what is NagasakiCool?
NagasakiCool: Although Nagasakicool itself isn’t a government official paper, it has been certified as Nagasaki Tourist Paper by Nagasaki city in this April.
We’re planning to publish it 4 times a year. At this moment, we have issued 3 times starting from 2018 April. We are going to publish this winter, too. 

Mainly the articles are written in English. Sponsored articles are written in Japanese, English, Korean, and in Chinese, all 4 languages.
We have the main article that explains the history and cultures of Nagasaki related to the issued season. The rest of the articles are about sponsors which are kimono shops and restaurants.
The shops and restaurants in the paper are tested for meeting the quality of service or food for travelers in the aspects of prices and language ability, there is no trip-trap in the paper guaranteed and of course as a local photographer I can tell the shops are run by locals doing business for a long time for not travelers but local people so it is not like mass travelers shops. Their English is tested but not perfect but you will be surprised how kind they are. I am sure there are no rude services in their shops even if you don’t speak or write and read Japanese at all.
Özlem Burcu: Is there a story behind your name and logo?

NagasakiCool: “Nagasaki Cool” name is the chief editor’s idea. He loves Nagasaki and thinks Nagasaki is the coolest place in the world.
This is the most interesting part, Nagasaki Cool sounds like “長崎くる”( come to Nagasaki in Japanese”).
The yellow NC mark is an abbreviation of Nagasaki Cool and it looks like “くる” meaning come.
Özlem Burcu: Can you introduce the team members?
NagasakiCool: We have 4 members at the moment; Chief Editor, Designer, Photo and video shooter and a translator of 3 languages (Japanese, English, and Chinese).
Özlem Burcu: Wait, so the articles are written in Korean and then translating to other languages. This is surprising!
Özlem Burcu: If I come to Japan, and can’t speak Japanese, How NagasakiCool will help me?

NagasakiCool: We have associated guides for 3-5 people.
At this moment we have 3 programs you can join to experience Japanese culture; Cooking, visiting a Buddhist temple and wearing Kimono.
The descriptions are in the paper of Fall. Here’s the link to pdf paper you can download: https://www.nagasaki-cool.com/1st-issue

Özlem Burcu: You are doing this for some time. So I would like to ask you this: How can you define NAGASAKI as NagasakiCool Newspaper?
NagasakiCool: Nagasaki is the second famous city for Atomic bombed city. First is Hiroshima. Compared to Hiroshima, Nagasaki is a rural and more historical version of Hiroshima.
In Nagasaki, Tap water is nothing different than bottled water and this makes especially seafood taste excellent.
Many tourist finds Nagasaki city comfortably small, if you walk like a few hours, you can visit 3-5 historical and beautiful places. There are no traffic congestions and streets are comfortably clean. Renting a car for a few hours is one option too, and you will discover the world-class scenic places so easy. Bekko, Tortoiseshell crafts is one of the most famous crafts in Nagasaki. Unfortunately, these are not shops we can introduce because there are many other paid shops in our paper.
Hopefully in next issues…
Özlem Burcu: How can people reach to you?

NagasakiCool: From our website and our social media accounts;
Özlem Burcu: If I have NagasakiCool with me during my visit Nagasaki, what privilege will I have?

NagasakiCool: Basically we can say;
* Maps of all the hotels in Nagasaki, information about sponsor shops.
* Shop coupons.
* Articles about Nagasaki that might inspire you to visit.
Özlem Burcu: Thank you very much for this interview.
If you are interested in Japanese Culture and Nagasaki don’t forget to check their website and follow their social media accounts.

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