1- Eating Strawberry. These special Nagasaki Strawberries are called yumenoka and the name is coming from the desire to make people’s dreams come true.
These strawberries are huge, juicy and have a sharp flavor.


2- Find the Heart stones in Nagasaki. I wrote a post about heart stones before so if you like you may check it here. There are two heart stones in Nagasaki that will make your love wishes come true after finding them. One is at the Megane-Bashi(Spectacles Bridge) and the other one is in Glover garden. 

Screenshot from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyQ3n92vla4

3- Visit the Mackerel Rotten Stone. I learn this from a local so this one doesn’t known much between tourists. Locals visit the Fish Rotten Stone before taking an important exam. If I am not mistaken high school students visit a lot. It’s a symbol of waiting and seeing what you are cable of but my source also mentioned this: “do it till you succeed”. 
The name of the stone comes from here;  A long time ago, a fisherman from Togitsu Beach caught a lot of mackerels and decided to go to Nagasaki to sell them. When the fisherman was about to pass under this stone, he thought the rock might fall so he decided to wait until it falls, but he waited so long that the mackerels began to rot.
But don’t worry it won’t fall because some time ago, for security reasons they stuck it with a hard material.
Interesting story, interesting symbol, right?...

4-Buy Maneki Neko. Like in any city in Japan, also in Nagasaki Maneki Neko is an important symbol of luck and fortune.

Photo by visit-nagasaki.com

5- Eat Momo Castella.  It’s a peach shaped version of castella sponge cakes and reflects the Chinese belief that peaches brings good luck.

If you are planning to visit Japan and Nagasaki or want to learn more about Nagasaki don’t forget to check Nagasakicool. You can find their free magazine on their website. And follow them on social media. 

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