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1- Hamano-Machi Arcade
You can find all kinds of shops in this shopping district;, clothing, electrical appliances, things that you will need in your daily life and even department stores. And you can also follow Nagasaki trends from this shopping area.
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2-Naka-Dori Shopping Street
This shopping street has been doing business since the Edo period(1603-1868). You can visit traditional shops while being the witness of the Nagasaki history.

Marunouchi Naka-Dori

This one is for food shoppers...This market sells lots of fresh and low priced food which includes meat, fish and side dishes.

4-Kanko-Dori Arcade
This shopping street also contains exhibitions, photographic displays, and other events.

5-Amu Plaza Nagasaki
This is a shopping mall at the Nagasaki Station. You can find all kinds of merchandise; from fashionable clothes and accessories to household goods. You can get some souvenir for your relatives back home. There are restaurants and a supermarket in the shopping mall, too.


6- Mirai Nagasaki  Cocowalk
It’s a shopping mall in Mori-Machi. Like in Amu Plaza, you can spend a whole day here shopping for clothes, house, accessories, souvenir and enjoy your day by eating out and watching a movie.


7- Shianbashi&Doza


Our last place is a bonus. If you are wandering around on the street, not in malls, won’t  you get hungry after this much shopping?
So this time I am sharing a district which contains lots of restaurants. Shianbashi is the name of the bridge at the entrance of Maruyama which was a major geisha district in the old times of Japan. So visiting a restaurant there must be interesting to end a day or give a break in the middle of the day to rest a little.


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Information From: Discover Nagasaki Guide


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