1-Turtle Shell


Most of the Turtle shall products are made in Nagasaki in Japan. They have unique designs.

2-Koga dolls


Koga dolls are one of the famous clay dolls in Japan.

3-Nagasaki Kite(Hata)


In Nagasaki, kites are called hata. They have 3 colors; white, blue, red. There are nearly 50 types of traditional designs nowadays.
These kites are used in kite battles. There are twine called yoma on it. And contestants compete each other and tries to cut each other’s yoma. 

4- Bidoro Glassware

"Based on a work at muza-chan.net"


Bidoro Glassware was is made by blowing into a hot glass through a pipe.

5- Snacks

Photo Credit: “© Nagasaki Prefecture Convention and Tourism Association”


There are different kind of snacks you can also take with you as omiyage(gift). You can check my Snack post to see some of the delicious snacks and also you can check my shopping post to find some nice places to buy these.


If you are planning to visit Japan and Nagasaki or want to learn more about Nagasaki don’t forget to check Nagasakicool. You can find their free magazine on their website. And follow them on social media. 


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