1-Experience Zazen 


Zazen means exploring your inner self and becoming one with nature. In some Japanese temples if you make a reservation you can experience zazen and calming your mind and relieving from stress. To learn more you can visit NagasakiCool page. 


2-Walk historical Streets with kimono 


You can walk with yukata or kimono on historical streets once samurai and Geisha walked to experience Japanese traditions. To read more about this experience check NagasakiCool website. 


3-Have a breakfast in a Temple 


If you are interested in traditional temple life visit NagasakiCool page to learn about this chance. 


4-Remember The History 

Photo by visit-nagasaki.com

In 9 Agustos 1945, an atomic bomb attack happened in Nagasaki. A lot of lives changed and affected. To remember the importance of Peace in the world and be grateful for our life and living itself, you can visit the bomb area which contains the bomb museum and peace park. 

Photo by Visit-nagasaki.com

5-Goshuin Collecting in Temple Street 

  (This Goshuin is from a shrine in Tokyo.I put it as a sample of a goshuin.)

Goshuin is a stamp unique to every temple. They are like calligraphy that is why it could be a nice souvenir from your visit to Nagasaki.  And You can read more about Temple Street in Nagasaki in Nagasakicool March 2018 issue. 

  And In 2019 There is a tour you can visit 11 shrines and collect Goshuin. Don't forget to check this out!

6-Lion-dog Hunt in Shrines in Nagasaki 


Lion-dogs are the guardian statues at the shrines. There are a variety of lion-dogs which are unique in Nagasaki. While you are visiting shrines you can turn this to a little game to enjoy your trip more. Explore and find all the lion-dogs in the area.


If you are planning to visit Japan and Nagasaki or want to learn more about Nagasaki don’t forget to check Nagasakicool. You can find their free magazine on their website. And follow them on social media.