1- Castella(Kasutera) 

Photo Credit: “© Nagasaki Prefecture Convention and Tourism Association”

Its made with a secret recipe which contains egg. Only thing I can say is it has Portuguese Routes. And Peace Castella is really famous with the belief of bringing Good Luck. So you know where to start eating, right?


Photo Credit: “© Nagasaki Prefecture Convention and Tourism Association”


“Zabon” which is pomelo fruit from China, covered with sugar to make this aromatic snack.


Zenzai is served in different styles in each restaurant. It's made with sweet azuki bean and served with mochi and sometimes with taiyaki.

4- Cha-cha yaki

Cha-cha yaki contains sonogi-cha tea and sweet white bean paste.


Its a fish cake made with fresh seafood in Nagasaki.


Photo by Nagasakicool

Do you know Japan’s oldest parfait Restaurant is in Nagasaki? They are using natural products and not using artificial ingredients for customers health. İf you are wondering its “Parfait & Restaurant Hawai” and can find more information at NagasakiCool Page.


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