1-Visiting Nagasaki Penguin Aquarium 

Photo by visit-nagasaki.com

You can watch variety penguins parading out of the aquarium to take a dip in the sea. There are two sections at the aquarium and there are 8 different breeds of birds you can feed and touch at the weekends and holidays. You can't miss this interesting opportunity. 

Photo by visit-nagasaki.com

2-Attend a Festival 

Tall Ships Festival - Photo by visit-nagasaki.com

Nearly every month there is a festival in Nagasaki Preference and most of it takes place in Nagasaki City.

So probably you’ll have a chance to witness the traditional Japanese festival during your visit. Its something people of all ages can enjoy. 

Lantern Festival - Photo by visit-nagasaki.com

3-Visit Island Lumina 


Even I recommend this place for the romantic night for couples post, it's also a place you can enjoy with your children. If you are ready to take a long walk. Your family will love this place. 


4- Shopping with family 

Photo by visit-nagasaki.com

You are on holiday and of course, you’ll buy some gifts(omiyage) for people who are waiting for you back home. Here is a list of places that you can find interesting, traditional or fashionable items.

5- Luck Hunt with family 


One of the enjoyable articles I wrote was about Luck items in Nagasaki. You and Your family can turn this into a nice holiday game and make a Luck Hunt in the city. Here is my post to help you out. 


6- Make a City Tour With Street Car 

Photo by visit-nagasaki.com

If you haven’t decided your route you may consider taking streetcar first to see the city from one corner to another. If you are curious which places you can visit by using streetcar routes here are my posts about Street Car Tour;Red Line Yellow Line Blue Line- Green Line). 


7-Feel traditional Japan As a Family


you can wear kimono and alk in the streets of historical streets of Nagasaki. For more information please check out Nagasakicool page.


8- Taste the Delicious Snacks 

Photo by visit-nagasaki.com

We all love sweets and snacks but children love them more. There are a lot of different kinds of snacks and desserts in Nagasaki. It will be waste leaving the city without tasting those snacks and buying some as omiyage (souvenirs), right? Here is my post about snacks to help you out. 


If you are planning to visit Japan and Nagasaki or want to learn more about Nagasaki don’t forget to check Nagasakicool. You can find their free magazine on their website. And follow them on social media.