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If you want to see around the Nagasaki City, You should try using "Street Car". it is a transportation that is easy to travel with and good for your budget. There are four lines you can use as Street Car Route. Here are places you can visit with using Yellow Line. 





You can experience Nagasaki Night Life and taste different flavors in this area full of history. 


2-Sofuku-ji Temple 

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Sofuku-ji Temple is one of the best example of Ming dynasty temple architecture which is built in 1629. Every July Chinese Bon Festival is celebrated annually. 

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3- Kameyama Shachu Memorial Museum 

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There are things belong to end of Edo period. Kameyama Shachu(Group) and its members are introduced in this museum. it explains the role of Kameyama Shachu and Nagasaki in the Modernization of Japan. Its a place 15 minutes walk from Shinsaiku Street Car Stop. 


4-Suwa Shrine 

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Suwa Shrines were burnt down during the provincial wars by Christians. They were relocated to a high hill where sees the whole city. Local people call "Osuwa-san" to this place. and in every autumn Nagasaki Kunchi Festival which is one of the 3 biggest Kunchi festivals is held. 


5-Siebold Memorial Museum 

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Siebold came to Japan to attend Dutch Trading House as a doctor. He opened Narutaki Juku which was a great contribution to "modern medicine" education.

Information From: Nagasaki Guide


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