Knowing one foreign language becomes a usual skill nowadays, but with everything in our life speeding up, the time we spend on education has decreased.

I always feel lucky about the language education I had because of the English education I got from middle school. Since the head of our English department was an expert on NLP, she would make sure that everyone was going through an appropriate learning technique in order to prevent students from forgetting foreign language in short time with classical methods.

If I want to explain NLP briefly; it's a method to understand how people perceive the world around them and how they make sense of it with their own special maps in their brain and how they transfer them into language and behavior.

For example, we can classify people's learning style as Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic. In fact, it can be seen that two of these three categories predominate in one person. If we know what categories are suitable for a person, we can make language learning more successful with choosing a faster and more efficient method for that person.

I still remember some from my childhood, I can explain this in English education.

As an example of visual learning, I can give matching the names of fruits with photos of fruits and learning words with language cards.

For people who can learn with Kinesthetic style, it's easier for them to experience the language in the natural environment. so best way could be practicing a "sample case" with their teacher or classmate.

And for  Auditory learning, I would like to say that it's for people who can learn easier with listening from the teacher, not by reading a book. And learning new words with songs makes it easier to memorize.

Now, why I told you all this?


Nagasaki, a window for cultural exchanges in history for Japan, is one of the most popular cities in Japan for foreigners, that is why it also has great importance to know a foreign language there.

The new school in Dejima has a talented teacher who can use the methods I have mentioned above for teenagers and children. Shinichiro Honda, called Shin Sensei in a more friendly way, 29, has recently made his dream come through with opening a language school in Dejima. Mr. Honda who is keen on teaching since his high school years, also often communicates with his daughter in English at home.


He got his university degree in China and has an Eiken Grade 1 certification. He can speak Chinese, English, and Japanese.

In 2018, he also started to work as a translator from Japanese to English and Chinese, which he strongly believes it will contribute to his hometown.

He says that patience and durability are crucial in language learning especially in childhood and he plans to continue to learn Korean and German.

Mr. Honda who used to teach English in Eikawa (English school in Japanese) for more than 5 years, draws attention to the importance of language education at early ages. He says that he is able to empathize with children by remembering the difficulties that he had once in learning foreign languages and his experiences.

He is also a teacher who plays the piano as a hobby and the accordion as a professional, sometimes composes music himself. And he also uses this ability for children who are learning English in the kindergarten.


Mr.Honda, who is experienced in educating children, says that with the methods he uses, children develop their skills of auditory perception and reading comprehension in a foreign language and that will also enable them to be more successful with their written and oral communication skills in their native language, too.


If you are a parent who lives in Nagasaki, you may wish to visit this language school for children and young people between 5-17.

You can contribute to the development of your child's English language skills at an early age by using the most appropriate methods for your child's perception with the English lesson sessions for about 1 hour.



Address: 江戸町1-12梅屋ビル3階850-0861 Nagasaki

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Photos are from Dejima Language School Official Pages. Artworks made by Yulia-san for Dejima Language School. Songs were composed by Shin Sensei.