I was checking my 2018 goals, how much I completed... it looks like it wasn't totally disaster.

  • I published 2 books in 2 different languages. (that may count as my "4books in a year" goal😛) 

  • I challenged myself to write in different formats. (wrote manga script and short film script)

  • I attended 2 story contests. (one, I pass the pre-selection and become Top 9, but couldn't get in the Top 5. Another one will be announced this year.) 

  • I did 2 volunteer blogger job, which supports cultural exchange and tourism. one is still continuing by the way...

  • I got my JLPT N5 certificate ( well I planned to get N4, but it looks like I couldn't study that much. but with the brain fatigue I had that time I guess it is a good result.) 

  • My reading goal was 52 books, I read 57 books(manga including) and reached my reading goal too...

  • About personal goals, I visited a city I haven't been before and started drinking less coffee and more juice...etc. 

    Of course, there are some things I couldn't make it, but it is ok I guess. some things completed in November and December...I was already forgotten that those were on my goal list. just saw an opportunity and I did my best to take it. so I think making a goal list at the beginning of the year is important. but also every year I feel really down. losing hope and become depressed... I hope this depressed period which happens before making a goal list, will get shorter and shorter every year. 

    I am really not sure actually this year, I feel like I tried my best still can't see the progress I hoped that would happen so I decided a general topic for my first part of 2019, 

    it will be improving my skills... it contains learning Japanese, photography, editing, voice over etc.... 

    sometimes it's best to step back a little and improving yourself before making any move. 

    At least I hope I am right...

    Best Of Luck Everyone