1-Siebold Memorial Museum 

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Siebold came to Japan to attend Dutch Trading House as a doctor. He opened Narutaki Juku which was a great contribution to "modern medicine" education. 

2- Kameyama Shachu Memorial Museum 

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There are things belong to end of Edo period. Kameyama Shachu(Group) and its members are introduced in this museum. it explains the role of Kameyama Shachu and Nagasaki in the Modernization of Japan. Its a place 15 minutes walk from Shinsaiku Street Car Stop.

3-Bekko Craft Museum 

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The building of Nagasaki Custom's Kudarimatsu Office which was built in 1898 is used as a museum. There are valuable Bekko Crafts and engineering tools. Also, the building itself has importance as a cultural asset. 


4- Former Hong kong & Shangai Bank Nagasaki Branch Museum 

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This Western-style building made in 1904, has 3 floors. The first floor was used to be a bank and nowadays its used as a concert hall and exhibition hall. You can learn more about Nagasaki history at 2nd and 3rd floor. 

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5-Confucian Shrine - Historical Museum of China 

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it's made by Chinese people for worshipping Confucius. There are monuments brought from China including 72 philosophers and statues of Confucius.

6- Atomic Bomb Museum


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The Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum gives information about the history. It begins with the scene of the attack and includes the events leading up to the dropping of the atomic bomb, the reconstruction of Nagasaki up to the present day.


7- Former Pattern Shop (Mitsubishi Nagasaki Shipyard) 

Mitsubishi which is created by Yataro Iwasaki had great contributions to Japan's modernization.
After spending a tough teenage period Yataro Iwasaki started working for Tosa clan as head of its commercial organization as well as the caretaker of Nagasaki. He launched a new company named the Tsukumo Trading Company and started a shipping business. Later the company changed its name to Mitsubishi.
While running his shipping business, Yataro invested hugely in shipbuilding.
In this period he introduced to Western technology and manufactured various large machines, such as main engines, reciprocating steam engines, steam turbines, and boilers for ships.
The Former Pattern Shop was the place for making wooden molds that served as models of iron casts used for casting production.
Iron cast production was a merger between Western technology and Japan's traditional woodcraft technique.
Today Former Pattern Shop is used as a museum and there are 900 product tells the story of Nagasaki Shipyard.

  8- Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum

Photo Credit: “© Nagasaki Prefecture Convention and Tourism Association”

The museum holds workshops, concerts and many other community events.

  9- The Nagasaki History And Culture Museum

It tells the story of international exchange. It has many exhibitions of precious historical materials from Nagasaki’s modern history, works of art and ancient writings. 

Photo Credit: “© Nagasaki Prefecture Convention and Tourism Association”


The craft center offers classes about Nagasaki’s traditional crafts.

Photo Credit: “© Nagasaki Prefecture Convention and Tourism Association”

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Information: Nagasaki Tourism Guide, visit-nagasaki.com