Photo by Japan Times

Licca-chan is a dress-up doll which is loved by children across Japan since 1967.

It’s first produced by a toy company called Takara Co. Licca is created by former shojo manga artist Miyako Maki.

This doll becomes popular in Japan like Barbie dolls. And not just in Japan but also in countries like Taiwan.

As fashion changed in years Licca-chan also changed. 

Photo by Takara Co.

In this exhibition, you will find four model lines of Licca, her family, and friend dolls from the very first to the present, along with the fashion trends of the day.

It will take place at the Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum between 14th of March – 14th of April.

Photo Credit: “© Nagasaki Prefecture Convention and Tourism Association” 

Getting to Museum; 

Tram: 3-minute walk from Dejima tram stop, 2-minute walk from Medical Center tram stop


5-minute walk from Nagasaki Shinchi Bus Terminal.


15-minute walk from Nagasaki Station


10-minute walk from the Ohato Ferry Terminal in Nagasaki Port


Approximately 5 minutes on the Nagasaki Dejima Doro from the Nagasaki exit on the Nagasaki Expressway.

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