As I mentioned at one of my posts before, most of the festivals in Nagasaki Prefecture takes place in Nagasaki City. So if you visit Nagasaki City probably you can witness a colorful Nagasaki festival. Here are the festivals that take place in Nagasaki City:

1- Nomozaki Narcissus(daffodil) Festival (January)

2- Nagasaki Lantern Festival (February)

3- Nagasaki Tall Ships Festival (April)

4- Nagasaki Hydrangea Festival (May-June)

5- Nagasaki Harbor Festival (July)

6- Nagasaki Kunchi Festival (October)

7- Maruyama Hana Festival(November)

There could be Spring or summer festivals like Kite festivals, boat festivals and Winter Festivals like Illumination Festival. Every year time and festival that takes place can change. So before you visit don’t forget to check the official tourism page of Nagasaki.

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