I've started writing about Nagasaki City with the interview and introduction of Nagasakicool Paper. So I thought ending my Nagasaki posts with a Nagasakicool post would be suitable. I worked as a volunteer blogger for Nagasakicool for 6 months and as a Japanese culture lover, I loved reading every issue of it. So today I want to share with you, the most interesting and lovable parts of this paper.  I will try to update this post with every new issue release. By the way, if you haven’t read the interview with the photographer of NagasakiCool, you can find it here.


First of all, in every issue, there is a new main article about the history of Nagasaki.

Foreign-Friendly Dining Spots which are mentioned in the paper are marked in the Nagasaki tram map so you can find the station you should get off from the Tram easily.


You can check the restaurants and shops if they have a credit card option, smoking area, English speaking staff, wi-fi... etc. 


You can make an instant reservation with scanning QR codes.

And if you have Nagasakicool with you when visiting some places in the paper, you can get some extra services.


If you have any questions or need any help when visiting Nagasaki you can ask them easily by scanning the QR code on the paper.

There are maps in every issue. And some of them are themed maps like in the first issue there was a temple street map.

 And one of my favorite in the paper was “Point to Talk for taxi” article. Even if you can speak Japanese, sometimes speaking a foreign language could be hard. You can panic or forget... But if you have one of these with you without having any problem, you can use a taxi. You can find this article in the first issue of NagasakiCool.

And you can reach to all the issues for free from their websites.


For more information and to learn the latest updates don’t forget to follow their Social Media accounts.


If you visit Nagasaki, feel free to comment on my post and tell me about your experience in Nagasaki. Can’t wait to hear!