Today, I'm going to introduce you to a brand that I met thanks to Lee Seung Gi, the Korean idol who is the main actor of my favorite Korean series “You’re all surrounded” and "Korean Odyssey".


A few days ago, my adventure of participating in a Lee Seung Gi Poster lottery organized by Maskala Cosmetics ended with a visit to their shop at Istanbul Cevahir Shopping Center yesterday. Maskala Cosmetics is the Turkish distributor of the Korean Cosmetics brand called "Leaders" and The face of the Leaders brand is none other than Lee Seung Gi (^_^)



If we talk about what Leaders brand is;

LEADERS Cosmetics is a professional cosmeceutical company with over 10 years of experience in the global skincare industry.

LEADERS was founded by top dermatologists from South Korea's #1 university, Seoul National University.

Patients from LEADERS clinics yearned for at-home remedies to treat their skin after receiving one of the many procedures offered at LEADERS’ high-end medi-spas.

LEADERS dermatology specialists formulated safe and potent ingredients in an effort to help patients with their skin problems. They deeply understood the importance of beautiful skin and its impact on their patients’ self-confidence. (The info is taken from the Leaders cosmetics Europe website.)



This brand has first started selling in APlus pharmacies, and now they are available in all Rossman and Boyner stores in Turkey. At the same time, you can get detailed support from experts at their Cevahir Mall store. 

If you say you are not in Istanbul or there is no store around you, you can get all the products from their online shopping page at the same prices. ( I am talking about people who live in TURKEY...)




During my visit, I had the opportunity to meet Miss Merve , the brand manager who personally manages these events. In our short conversation, she reminded me that Lee Seung Gi is currently holding fan meetings in countries such as the Philippines and Malaysia for the Vagabond series promotion. And she would do her utmost for such an event to happen in Turkey (fan meeting)in the future.


When I contacted the Maskala Cosmetics' Social Media manager to create this post, s/he informed me that they had no idea this many Lee Seung Gi fans living in Turkey. And the events and promotions that are taken place and will be taken place in Turkey is the result of Miss Merve's proposals and efforts. 



In Turkey, The brand getting ready for new promotions which were done

 in Asian countries before.

 Firstly, after November 20th, at the Istanbul Cevahir store, there will be" the Leaders Spin (Wheel of Fortune)" activity and they will continue with various activities in 2020. I learned that they will be sharing the event calendar in the future.


Currently, Lee Seung Gi postcard gift promotions continue (for customers who buy 2 skin masks) at Cevahir stores. Don't forget to stop by if you are close ... You can also take photos with Lee Seung Gi;) Maybe it may not be the real one, but if we continue to support the Leaders brand, we will soon have the opportunity to take a picture with the real one, don't you think ;)

 Last but not least, Lee Seung Gi, the face of the Leaders brand, not only introduces the brand but also uses the brand's products, as a proof of that, at the first episodes of "Master in the house (집사 일체 일체 - All the Butlers) program which was broadcast in 2018 you can see him using the Vaseline mask from Leaders. I'm sharing the video of this here.



Currently, this mask is sold on their online shopping page for 14.90TL. You can find the link here (