Saiko no Jinsei no Mitsuke Kata (Way To Find The Best Life) is the remake of an American film called "The Bucket List.". “Saiko no Jinsei no Mitsuke Kata” is shot in Kyoto, Nagasaki, Goto, Shizuoka and Ibaraki. It’s released on October 11th. And at the weekend box office show that there were 61,000 viewers.(October 12th/13th box office info from


The movie’s summary is;

Yukie Kitahara (Sayuri Yoshinaga) is a housewife and she has devoted her life to her family. Mako Goda (Yuki Amami) is a wealthy woman who runs a business. They are both diagnosed with terminal illnesses and are told they only have a short time left to live. These two women from completely different walks of life meet at the hospital. They both feel emptiness in their lives. They happen to get a 12-year-old's written bucket list. Yukie Kitahara and Mako Goda decide to carry out the girl’s wish list and they begin to feel happiness entering their lives.(summary taken from asiawiki)

I like Yuki Amami's acting from the detective drama called Boss. So when I saw her name I wanted to check out the trailer. The story also looks interesting, I hope I can watch it one day. People who visit my blog probably know that I worked as a volunteer blogger for a paper in Nagasaki city before. So when I noticed this movie also took place in Nagasaki, I wanted to make a post about the places where it is shot.

Here are the places;

1- Peace Park(Nagasaki City)


After the atomic bomb blast has happened on 9th August 1945, Peace Park has been founded to represent the world peace. Peace Park statue's right hand points the sky where the atomic bomb came, other hand stretching horizontally symbolizes eternal world peace, while the slightly closed eyes express a prayer asking that the souls of the victims may find rest.

2- Meganebashi- Spectacles Bridge (Nagasaki City)


This bridge is originally built in 1634 but it was washed away in 1982 and later it was rebuilt. you can find the heart shaped stone here and make a wish for eternal love.

3-Magome Church(Iojima Island)


This white Gothic church which is registered as a cultural heritage spot is the symbol of the Iojima island. Originally built during the Meiji period, because of the damage from lightning storms and typhoons it was rebuilt in 1931 and given the name "Church of Archangel Michael". (Info from

4-Garden Terrace Nagasaki Hotel & Resort(Nagasaki City)


5- Nagasaki Port Terminal(Nagasaki City)


6-Fukueko Port Terminal(Goto City)


7-Mizunoura Church(Gijuku – Goto City)


In 1880, the first church was built, but with the aging of the church, in 1938, it was renovated into an elegant wooden church built by Tetsukawa Yosuke. It is A beautiful white church stands on the beach, surrounded by seasonal flowers. (info;


8- Gyogasaki Park (Goto City)


This is a beautiful park where you can see seasonal flowers in bloom. The view of the sun setting over the ocean is also impressive.

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