Even though I can't publish a new book this year, I hope that I take my readers to interesting places and inspire them through interviews I've done.

It's been a tiring year for me spiritually.

I wish the new year brings health, peace, success, and inspiration to my readers as well as myself and my family. The year 2019 started with my Nagasaki Way posts 


and Nagasakicool magazine introduction.


My old and new penpals in Japan that I corresponded with during the year encouraged me to continue to spread my love for Japanese culture, even though I was not there.

If I talk about my interviews, I can say that I interviewed inspirational people this year.

First of all, the BANG CIZGI interview, two young manga-lover who skillfully pass the obstacles in front of them and enter entrepreneurship,


Then my interview with SARAH HODGE about many talented and determined Japanese male rhythmic gymnasts.


I finished this year with an interview with a Turkish entrepreneur in Yokohama, SuperMatsuri.


Of course I didn't forget the post that I had spoiled myself with Lee Seunggi and Leaders in the meantime (^_^)


Are you curious where I'll take you with my interviews next year? We will tour in Japan and stop by  Turkey once in a while...

We're starting from Kushimoto in January.

And I can tell you we're going to have a colorful 2020.

If the translation is complete, I may even make an announcement of my new book, who knows :)

No matter how far away your favorite things and dreams seem to you, you can break down the walls of impossibility when you don’t give up and continue.

That's exactly what I feel with the power you give me when you read my writings and stories.

Wishing You The Best, Happy New Year!