Few days ago I watched a TEDx youtube seminar about learning a second language in six months and in that video I noticed that I am already doing few things they mentioned there. One of the important thing is to “focus on language content that is relevant to you” and last year I bought few Detective Manga volumes in Japanese from  **CDJAPAN** which contains my favorite episodes of Conan anime. With this I already know the general story of the volume and also I am willing to understand and read it because I love Conan in manga version, too!

Another good thing about Detective Conan manga is it has furigana in it. So even if it’s difficult to understand the kanji I can read from hiragana near it. 
And also in that seminar they said that understanding the message is more important than trying to understand the sentence word by word when you try learning a language. This happens to me especially when I watch a Japanese movie or a drama without a sub. I have few dvds I bought from **CDJAPAN** before and they don’t have English subtitle or any language I know but in time I noticed that I started to understand the topic they are talking about. Now even sometimes I enjoy just listening Japanese conversations and trying to understand what they are talking about. Anyway if we return to our subject, when trying to read this Conan manga I decided not to force myself on the vocabularies I am having difficult to,just focus on the message and enjoy reading it. But still writing some of the vocabularies for creating my own dictionary. This is how I do so far:

As you can see below I open two pages. The Page on the left is for new vocabulary, and the page on the right is for sentences. Also I devided the right page in two; left hand side is for rewriting furigana and, right hand side is for my native language.

First I read out the sentence and start rewriting the sentence. So here is an example;

Learning Japanese as a second foreign language isn’t easy for me. But I am determined to make it to be fun. There are other mangas which use furigana as far as I learn these are some of it; One Piece, Shingeki no Kyojin, Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, Bleach, Death Note...
Or you can decide to start reading a manga for beginner levels like Pokeamon or Doreamon maybe. It depends on your taste and motivation. For me trying to read a manga volume which contains Okiya Subaru is more motivating then anything (^_^)

I hope this post become helpful for anyone who likes reading manga and tries to learn Japanese. To support my blog if you are going shopping from**CDJAPAN**  please don’t forget to click the links.